Chuo-ku, Tokyo
103-0011 Japan, 

Open from 5PM - 11:30PM


Who we are.


The day that I met lacrosse was 10 years ago, right around the time I entered University. Before Lacrosse, I dedicated my heart and soul to baseball, devoting 11 years of my life. With full intentions of continuing in college, I had even purchased new equipment for the upcoming season.


But one day, I was strongly suggested (almost forced) to try out this sport called “Lacrosse” and that’s when I first held a stick in my hands. Little did I know that this moment would change my life.


Coming from a town in middle of nowhere, moving to Tokyo was an eye-opening experience for me. I came across people of different kinds that I`ve never met through Baseball. It was bizarre yet fascinating at the same time and could sense that there was a bright and exciting future ahead.

From there on, I started practicing every day and all I could think about was Lacrosse. I was obsessed. Looking back at it now, I still don’t know why.


What attracted me to Lacrosse was not only the sport itself but the people involved in this community. Everyone is friendly and well-connected allowing me to meet likeminded people, life-long friends, and people who I respect and can learn from. With confidence, I can say that Lacrosse has shaped me into who I am today.


Although I`ve met many people throughout this journey, I also know that countless connections and opportunities are still out there to be made. And so I thought to myself, “what better way than to create an atmospher for people to gather and share this wonderful experience with me?” That is how the concept of L`s Base was created.